Friday, 1 April 2011

A Little Update..

Hi guys, just a pretty small update this time.. most updates from now on will probably be fairly similar. I've come to the conclusion that batch painting large amounts of models at once really isn't for me. Instead I'm going to stick to doing two or three models at once, as I actually enjoy this a lot more and it's not like I have any sort of time constraint on this project - it can take pretty much however long it needs. So on that note I present two more pikemen for your viewing pleasure

I managed to paint these two up in an evening as they don't have any of the fancy Swiss feathers or anything. They turned out quite nicely and, more importantly, they weren't a drag to paint!


  1. Quality over quantity any day is the way forward, take it from a fellow perfectionist; it's painfully slow but very nice to look at!

    All the best


  2. Really nice pieces..... the armours are excellently rendered.

    BTW, how big do you envisage the army to be when complete?


  3. Two more many to go?

  4. Cheers for the comments guys! Yeah, I think quality over quantity is the way forward, batch painting just isn't for me it seems!

    Darrell - I'm currently planning three pike units (The Gewalthut I'm currently doing and a smaller Nachut and Vorhut) then a few skirmishers and perhaps some halberdiers. It's going to be a pretty long project whatever I think.

    Painterman - Probably about 15 models left to do for the Gewalthut and then it'll be time to get buying again, though I've still got some handgunners and crossbowmen to assemble.