Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Standards and Pikes

Hey guys, another small update for your delectation. I've painted up the final cantonal standard bearer, this one from Basel, and also another pikeman - so nothing too exciting.

For the model on the left I used the body from the command sprue, but I wanted to make sure it looked suitably different from the leader I've made, so I painted him up in fairly dark browns. I also thought I'd throw in some variety and try a blue turban - I'm pretty pleased with the results. The guy on the right uses a standard body and the command arms in the more gothic style armour. When I first did the armour I wasn't particularly happy with it but it all seems to have come together nicely in the end. He carries the banner of Basel taken from the Perry's flag sheet.

A better view of the standard - I probably took the photo a little too soon after painting it with matt varnish, which is why it looks a little shiny..


  1. More nice figures - great to see the combinations of the plastic options (and the heads work really well too).

  2. I like how you paint your armor. Any chance you could share your recipe? Thanks


  3. Cheers mate! Yeah no worries: basecoat with boltgun metal (I use GW paints) leaving black lines between the plates, wash the entire thing with watered down black paint (or black ink). Then fairly liberally paint brown ink into the gaps between the armour plates. When that's dry highlight your edges with mithril silver and you're done! Hope this makes sense!