Sunday, 24 April 2011

If There's One Thing I Really Hate Painting...

...It's got to be Arming Jacks, Aketons or any other form of padded armour. It seems to take forever and half the time ends up looking rubbish anyway. This is partly my excuse for the recent lack of updates, the pictured figures have been lurking on my painting table for quite some time - waiting for me to summon up the requisite enthusiasm to finish them off. I also started a new job last week so with one thing and another I haven't had much in the way of painting time.. However, from my current estimates, there are about seven figures waiting to be painted before the Gewalthut is ready to be based. Anyway, enough waffle.. here's the next batch of three pikemen:

The guy on the left is painted in Uri's canton colours while the others are fairly generic really. The one on the right looks like he has no eyes in this picture, I can vouch that he has though. Overall the jacks could have come out worse really - I'm just glad I don't have to paint many more in this unit. Sadly the next batch are wearing brigandines, which I also hate painting massively so don't hold your breath for the next update!


  1. Jacks are most annoying but i'd definately put brigandines above them in the scale of arduous tasks!

    I don't think I can offer an easy solution. I use Foundry's three colour pack of Canvas shade which works rather well but by no means a quick solution. I have experimented with wash and dry brush with fairly mixed results and the above is pretty much the most satisfying.

    These do look good though and add to the chaps looking rather mean.


  2. Cheers mate! Yeah, I painted these by building up layers with paint and then adding a watered down brown ink wash, which tones the colours down a bit and makes the jacks look more 'used'.

    Think I agree on the brigandine front, I've just started on three models in them and I foresee a fairly depressing experience haha.

  3. My quicker approach to padded equipment is to put a wash of Games Workshop 'Ogryn Flesh' wash over a light buff colour. This picks out the seams and gives a shade to the base colour. Then highlight back up with the original colour - and add another highlight shade if needed.
    Afraid I haven't got a speedier option for Brigandine - like Stuart this is very time consuming - the best option is to use these figures very sparingly.

  4. Simon makes a good point. The Gw washes are great for delineating the folds of padded armour and it's a method that I use with some regularity when painting padded armour.

    I hazzard that I may be alone in this but i do enjoy painting such armours- probably just crazy :O)))


  5. Yeah, I use brown ink (Devlan mud is it?) as a final stage. Certainly helps to define lines and creases etc. Haha, Darrell I think it must just be you who enjoys painting them!