Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well it seems ages since I last updated here. Probably because it has been ages! Mainly because very little has happened on my painting desk over the last few weeks. However, with it being the bank holiday and all that, I decided it was time to pull my finger out and finally get round to finishing the last five Swiss pikemen who have been so forlornly waiting to be painted. I'm glad they're finally done as it means I can get all 35 based up and get on with something else (which admittedly will probably be fairly similar....) Anyway, here they are:

They're nothing too special - but it feels like quite an achievement as I've been painting this unit for what seems like forever. Kind of makes me wonder why exactly I want to do another two pike blocks... Think I might move onto skirmishers next.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Painting metal studs is incredibly dull...

As I mentioned in the last post my next batch of models are wearing brigandines, and I set about painting them with about the same amount of enthusiasm as I would have had for watching paint dry... And dull they were too. The rest of the models were finished in about two days but when it came down to the brigandines I suddenly discovered many more interesting things to do than paint, not helped by the arrival of this..

.. This is the new Warbow I've been waiting on for a few weeks to be made, and as a result the prospect of pretending to be Robin Hood outside in the sun certainly appealed a lot more than painting hundreds of tiny rivets. However I eventually managed to get back to the painting table (because my arms were too sore) and finish the models and I'm quite pleased with the results:

I'm pretty pleased with the two guys to the right in cantonal colours, as I managed to get the rusted/dirty effect I was aiming for on their brigandines. The one on the right is wearing black as I basically couldn't be bothered to do much shading/highlighting. One more batch awaits and then it'll be basing time! And after that I might try and put together some skirmishers for a little 'variety'..