Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some New Arrivals.

Just a quick one really. I returned from work earlier to find a nice surprise waiting for me: My Swiss stuff had finally turned up from the Perrys. To be fair though it's certainly been worth the wait as all the models look great. I have one pack of the seperate Swiss heads (36 in total), which I'll use to convert the plastic mercenaries, and also a pack of the armoured pikemen with weapons at 45 degrees (picture below - though to be honest the pictures are better on the actual Perry twins site)

The casting on everything looks ace - a few mould lines here and there but they should be quite easy to get rid of. The only problem I can see is that some of the pikemen's lower hands are cast fairly solidly, so I'll probably have to try and get my hands on a smaller drill bit than the one I have currently to drill them out. I'm also planning on beheading a few pikemen and giving them Swiss heads instead, so there's a little variety in there. More updates to follow soon.

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