Monday, 21 March 2011

And so it begins....

Hey guys,
Welcome to my new all singing all dancing blog! I've been keen on the idea of doing a Fifteenth Century Swiss army for a while but didn't fancy taking out a bank loan to buy models from Foundry. As a result the Perry's releasing their Mercenaries box has been a Godsend. I've begun putting together an allied force focusing mainly on the four cantons of Berne, Uri, Basel and Lucerne (Mainly because these are the flags which are conveniently provided in the box..)

Since Christmas I've been waiting on the release of the separate Swiss heads that the Perry's have been promising for so long - and hopefully these should be making an appearance later this week (fingers crossed) so this project should hopefully be able to properly take off! However here are a few Swiss models I've been working on in frustration since Christmas..

Cantonal Standards - (L to R) Berne, Lucerne, Uri
Gewalthut Command
Various Pikemen (Couple of Assault Group models thrown in)


  1. These first miniatures are awesome !! Congratulations !



  2. Cheers Jehan! I'm quite pleased with how they've come out (though it's taken me since December to paint these few, so I haven't been too productive haha)



  3. Very nice:-) looking forward to seeing more.


  4. Nice looking blog - I'll be interested to see how you go on with the Swiss. They're also on my 'to do' list, once I've made more progress with my Burgundians. I understand Perry Swiss heads packs should be going out in the post this week.

  5. Very nice. One of the armies on my to do list when I get a chance.


  6. Painterman - Cheers mate, that means a lot from you as I've been pretty closely following your Burgundian blog and the Harness and Array one, both of which are awesome. They were part of the inspiration for starting a blog in the first place. I actually got my Swiss stuff through this morning (see the latest update) all looks very nice!

    Axebreaker - Thanks a lot!Haha, it seems Swiss are one of the armies which everyone wants to get going at some point!

  7. I see your Perry figs have arrived - lucky you, am still waiting...maybe tomorrow?

  8. Yeah, they arrived at last. Hope yours have made an appearance today! To be fair I placed my order about three weeks ago and spent quite a while hassling them about when the figures would be sent - so they were probably fairly prompt in sending so I'd leave them alone haha.

    The Swiss heads are a bit fiddly to glue on but look really good once in place, I've taken advantage of the nice weather to glue some together in the garden!

  9. Some lovely painting there! I look forward to seeing the finished units.

  10. Cheers mate - watch this space, I've almost finished another batch of pikemen so I'm sure they'll be making an appearance soon!