Sunday, 19 August 2012

Vorhut (at last)

So, it's been a hectic few months with one thing and another and, as I mentioned before, I've been painting a fair amount of stuff for other people. However I have succeeded in finding a little time to paint some of my own models. My Vorhut was basically complete, minus the last rank which has been sat on my painting bench since about Feburary. I finally managed to summon up the enthusiasm to get them painted and this is the result:

I'm really happy with how this unit turned out. The banner is that of Glaurus - I basically just threw it in as I liked it, not becuase it fits with the colours of the unit, but ah well. I painted it myself based upon an image I found online, supposedly of an original banner (though it may have been 14th C...)

I used the man at arms being helped to create a sort of small diorama, as the rear ranks part to let him through.
So this is what my army looks like so far - not much to show for nigh on two years work to be honest! I'm happy with it though, the units look fairly imposing when they're all together

As a side note here are a couple of the things I was painting for others. The below models were painted up for David over at Claymore Castings - they're English in Percy livery for the Otterburn game they were organising. Lovely models to paint up and I thoroughly recommend them!
So, next up a few more commisions and then I'll try and get those mounted men at arms finally finished..


  1. Two years' work maybe, but time well spent. beautiful figures and well worth the effort - I think anyway!

    Really inspired.

  2. Very impressive units - love the composition of the casualty being led through the ranks.

  3. Very much worth the wait!

    They do look really splendid!!

    Top stuff.


  4. wow i really love your painting! please come back to this project and give us some inspiration! i am working on all the same subjects and love to see other people's interpretations. great stuff!

    1. Thanks for the compliments - watch this space, I've got another late medieval project in the pipeline which I'll be posting up here soon ;) I'm sure I'll get back to the Swiss at some point soon, promise!

  5. Greate looking units ! Most impressive !!!

    Best regards Michael