Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More Men at Arms

Well I've managed to get two more men at arms done over the last few weeks. They seem to have taken a long while as I've been fitting them in around archery stuff as well as making a concerted effort to improve my borderline awful French before we go away in a few months. Anyway I thought it could be nice to do one of the surcoated bodies (less plate armour to paint!) however I didn't want to just do them as retainers, I quite fancied tracking down some of the Lorrainer knights who fought with Rene and using their heraldry. So after a great amount of digging and several loose ends I discovered Oswald Von Thierstein - who had fought at the battle of Morat & Nancy with Rene.

I found this image first, from some sort of greeting card (you can get it as a phone case if you really want!) which shows Oswald on his horse and surcoated. I wasn't sure on how accurate the heraldry was, but I then found this when looking for the Von Thierstein heraldry:

.. I thought I may as well use it as a basis, even if it possibly isn't bang on with accuracy. Using that I produced this model to represent Oswald:

I'm fairly happy with how the heraldry turned out, though the deer was a bit fiddly to do! I tried doing blued armour on him, but actually it just looks the same as usual!

I also painted this other chap - Decided to go for a colourful look with the helmet and lance

So that's seven down now! Could be a little while until the next update though (they were hardly speedy anyway haha) as I've been lucky enough to pick up a couple of painting contracts with a couple of companies, so I'll most likely be doing them instead of my own. I may well set up a seperate blog for these (if I'm allowed) to show what I've been painting.

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  1. Nice figs, and a very nice blog too, I'll come back!