Monday, 27 February 2012

Getting There..

So since the last post I've managed to fit in a fair bit more painting. I got my fourth rank painted up:

Pretty standard - Couple of Swiss heads in there. Also recieved my new Mercenaries box through and set about using some of them to make a command group for the Vorhut:

The Hornblower is the Foundry one that Simon kindly sent me. I wanted something a little different for the unit leader so I used one of the Tudor heads and cut the large feather off one of the plastic mercenary heads and glued that on for a little Swiss 'flair'. I think the Talhoffer 'Ox' stance fits in nicely with a unit of levelled pikes. The standard bearer is just made up of standard plastic parts from the box.

While on the subject of command groups I've got a question for you guys - has anyone got any idea what sort of banner the units outside of the Gewalthut might carry? I was under the impression that the cantonal standards would be grouped together in the Gewalthut and as a result am not really sure what the Vorhut, for example, might carry. I see the flag sheet comes with a carpenters guild flag.. If anyone could give me any advice on this I'd be most grateful!

Finally with four ranks complete I decided to glue down the models and I'm pretty pleased with the end result..

I'll be adding some broken pikes around the wounded chaps once they're based. I quite like the wall of pikes effect.I've added the wounded man at arms near the back, as if he's being escorted through their ranks from the front.

I'll be making one more rank from the plastic pikemen. Thinking of trying to get a bit of interaction between them and the wounded chap being carried - then once they're based it'll be time to move onto the final pike unit or maybe some skirmishes..


  1. Good work, the wounded chaps really give some depth to the unit, particularly the ones at the back, nice conversion on the tudor head too.

  2. The figures are looking great and the unit is building up nicely.
    Re the flags, my understading is that flags were grouped in the centre of the gewalthut and I'm assuming that this would be the case too for the Vorhut etc. Whether these are the same cantons or (more likely?) that different cantons comprised the vorhut, gewalthut etc - is upto you (remember that they'll be a degree of 'artistic licence' in medieval illustrations.
    The skirmishers had versions of flags with handguns and crossbow images attached.

    Hope this helps,

    PS - the guild flag you refer to, in the Perrys box, is a Burgundian flag (of Flemish origin).

  3. Cheers guys!

    Yeah, I thought possibly that might be the case Simon. Might go for the banner of St. Gallen for this unit then. Cheers for the tip off on the other banner as well, had a look and you're right!



  4. wow i am really loving this build! your figures really look awesome! i hope mine turns out half as nice!