Saturday, 21 January 2012

Getting Back on the Painting Horse..

Wow, so it's been 3 months since the last post - crazy. I once again fell off the painting wagon, mainly as a result of switching my focus to archery. I recently joined the English Warbow Society (EWBS), one of the only societies in the world to focus upon medieval style archery using heavy draw weight bows. I've spent the last few months putting together sets of arrows (shameless plug - if anyone's interested in having some put together PM me!) and wrestling with the new 95 lbs draw English Yew bow I bought from another society member. I've recently managed to source some Ash staves, so I think my next step will be having a go at bow making itself.

Back to the painting itself. My interest was re-sparked after seeing these beauties..

.. and thinking 'God, they'd look good in my Vorhut!'. As a result I grabbed some of the metal Perry pikemen who have been lounging around on my desk for ages and got them painted in record time. Quite happy with the results:
These will be my third rankers - like I say I want to work the casualties into the front ranks, and I've got grand plans for that Man at Arms being escorted away from the battle.. Here's the second and third rank together, I'm quite liking the wall of pikes which is building up.

I've got one more rank of metal models to go then I need to grab another mercenaries box. Hopefully by that point the casualties might have been released...


  1. Very nice fletching.
    Good to see you're back painting the Swiss - I seem to spend an overlong time planning how to arrange figures for a pike bloc, including where to position the flags, captains etc.
    Looking forward to seeing yours done.

  2. Cheers Guys!

    Painterman - Yeah I can definitely sympaphise! Those pikes can be a real nightmare to rank up, trying to avoid having guys poking each other in the back of the head etc!

  3. Good to see you back in the saddle, I know the feeling all too well!

  4. Just found your blog and very impressed with what you are working on. I am interested both in Renaissance Swiss and Archery. My dad has a couple traditional North American Indian bows, but we just visited Azincourt last month and that has got us both talking about Longbows. Im interested in following along with your adventure into medieval archery.

  5. Good to have you on board Sean! Ah nice, some of those North American Indian bows look ace. I really want to get to Azincourt sometime as well, I'm hoping the EWBS will organise another shoot there sometime. I've literally just got in from getting my hands on a stave of Wych Elm (that Welsh archers bows were sometimes made from) and a beautiful bit of English Yew - so watch this space!