Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gewalthut triumphant!

So, after a little hiatus I've finally done something worthwhile and completed my Gewalthut! It's only taken nigh on six months but I'm pretty pleased with the finished product!

I think it makes a pretty impressive unit on the battlefield and should be a nice centrepiece to the army (Could be a while before that's finished....) The bases were done with a few tester pots of emulsion I picked up from Focus (Seems a waste not to take advantage of their misfortune and make a few savings really!). The grass tufts are from the army painter range and I'm really impressed with how they work, they're ridiculously easy to put in place- basically idiot-proof, which is lucky when I'm using it. Now just two more smaller pike blocks to do - the Vorhut and Nachut - and I've got a few ideas on them already.

Here's a taste of what's next:

Yep, skirmishers - I think these should be a nice change of pace from pike blocks. Admittedly I've cheated with these as I did them round Christmas time... But you get the idea. I glued together the rest of the handgunners and crossbowmen this morning so hopefully they'll be making an appearance here soon! Watch this space!